5 Reasons To Keep Doing Mobile SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | July 11, 2016

Mobile marketing is tremendously powerful in the modern business world. Companies that optimize their content for mobile devices have likely seen the benefits of doing so in their traffic and sales. At this point, however, you may have started to wonder if continuing these strategies is important and if mobile marketing will die out in the near future. While prognostications come with at least a tiny level of uncertainty, mobile SEO is likely to remain extant.

1. More and more generations are using cell phones to access information.
Many people set up great divides in their minds when they would think about cell phone usage in the past. They thought of all young people as carrying around these devices while the older crowds shirked away from them. When you consider that many people in their 30s grew up with cell phones, you’ll realize that the divide is getting smaller. Individuals from all different generations are using their phones for a variety of purposes, so in order to address your target audience, or at least a segment of it, you need to tap into this power.

2. Cell phones are growing more sophisticated and providing a greater number of options.
Not only is the amount of people who use cell phones getting bigger, but so are the capabilities that these devices have. When in their nascent stages, cell phones were used for making calls. Now, however, people use them to research information, but also to buy products and place orders. You could look around wherever you are, and chances are, at least one person on a mobile device is placing an order. When you don’t use mobile SEO, you are losing out on opportunities to gain customers and to make actual money. The loss of funds is not conditional; it is real.

3. Your competitors are likely using mobile SEO.
No matter what field your business is in, a decent chance exists that your competitors are already using SEO. They are your competitors for a reason; they likely offer similar products at similar prices, so you need to figure out what it is that sets your company above them. When you don’t offer potential customers an easy way to access information about your business through their phones, you are giving them yet another reason to work with your competitors.

4. Mobile SEO opens up the door to applications.
If you take out your own cell phone and browse around on it, you’ll probably find some apps that you simply could not delete, no matter how much extra storage you had to buy to keep them. Your goal is for your business to become one of those apps on other people’s phones; however, if you do not use mobile SEO, then that world is closed off to you. People love to use apps, and you want to give customers the greatest ease of access to your business.

5. Websites that lack mobile optimization are often ignored.
Staring at the screen of a phone trying to navigate the pages of a full website, let alone attempting to read the content, is difficult. If your pages are not optimized for SEO, visitors are likely just going to check out the site of a competitor. With so many options for similar products in today’s market, it just takes a few clicks to get there and access information in a more mobile-friendly way.

Failing to use mobile SEO is a dangerous risk to take for your business. By integrating these policies into your marketing campaign, you are likely to see a difference in the success of your company.