5 Reasons SEO is the Best Value for Your Marketing Dollar

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 08, 2012

You’ve heard the arguments for why your website needs search engine optimization. First and foremost, SEO helps people find you on the Internet – and that’s why you have a website in the first place, isn’t it? But 85% of people who do a web search choose to do business with a company they found on the first or second page of search engine results. If your site doesn’t show up until page three, too bad!

That’s a pretty compelling argument in itself. But here are 5 other reasons SEO is a good value for your marketing buck:

1.       Good SEO strategy is the gift that keeps on giving. Sure, effective SEO requires a lot of keyword research and website work upfront. But unlike a direct mail campaign, your initial SEO campaign will keep working for you long after it’s complete – because you’ll continue to reap the rewards of higher search engine rankings for your most important keywords.

2.       Effective SEO techniques make your website more intuitive and useful for visitors. If your website needs an overhaul to make it easier for search engine robots to navigate, chances are it didn’t have the best navigation set up for human visitors, either. And if you make sure to update your website and/or blog with fresh, insightful content on a regular basis, your website is even more “sticky” for real people. So an SEO-related website overhaul has side benefits in addition to higher search engine rankings.

3.       Over time, SEO is cheaper than simply using pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Google ads and other PPC campaigns are a great way to attract customers and get your message out, but they can be very expensive, too. An “all of the above” approach combining SEO for your website, Google ads and other marketing techniques gives you the best results – for less money. Speaking of a combo approach…

4.       SEO improves your website and sharpens your marketing strategy in several ways at once. An effective SEO campaign combines a lot of skill sets: market research, keyword analysis, website restructuring and coding, writing quality web content, writing press releases (and knowing where to release them), analyzing the competition and link building. Many business owners find do-it-yourself SEO too time consuming, or parts of it may be beyond their skill level – so a reputable SEO firm can be a great partner.

5.       SEO delivers lead generation at a lower cost. Inbound marketing – which includes SEO, social media marketing and blog content – generates leads at a much lower cost than outbound marketing methods like traditional direct marketing and paid search. In fact, a recent survey by HubSpot of almost 1,000 professionals involved with their business’ marketing strategy found that the cost of inbound marketing (which includes SEO) delivered a 61% lower cost per lead than outbound marketing. And 25% of those professionals said their blog had become “critical” to their business. Blogs, social media and link building are bringing in more leads than ever.

The bottom line? SEO improves your website in terms of quality and visibility and makes it work harder for your business, for a lower cost than other marketing methods. Results like that make SEO worth looking into.