5 Best WP Themes for SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 18, 2016

WordPress is widely regarded as one of the best CMS for SEO, which reflects the versatility of the platform. WP overcomes many of the challenges that web designers face when developing SEO-optimized websites. It provides a sound SEO page structure and supports plugins that allow for service integration, such as Google Maps and Yelp. WP also has built-in support for themes, which are much more than just aesthetic skins and an oft-undervalued aspect of search engine optimization.

1. Eleven40 Pro

Eleven40 Pro by StudioPress is a sleek blog theme that uses a classic newspaper format by default. The layout is sharp and clean, and it allows you to pack in a lot of information in a very readable way. Blogs are one the best types of websites for SEO because they allow you to position the brand as a resource that potential customers can access time and again. Widget support lets you drop in resources like contact information, business hours, maps, driving directions and so forth.

• HTML5-capable
• Mobile responsiveness
• Theme customizer
• Six layout options

2. Kathryn: Accounting Theme

Kathryn: Accounting Theme by Web Savvy is an excellent alternative for the business that prefers a more traditional storefront or a corporate homepage. A blog is still an option, and you can either link out to it or integrate it using a WordPress plugin or custom solution. By default, the theme is set up for a small, local accounting office, but that serves more as proof of concept than anything, and a simple image change transforms this theme into something more appropriate for your brand.

• HTML5 capabilities
• Mobile responsiveness
• Excellent SEO plugin support
• Color and layout options

3. Modern Blogger Pro

Despite the name, Modern Blogger Pro by Pretty Darn Cute Design finds a nice balance between a blog and a corporate front page. What separates this theme from the two above is the casualness of the aesthetic. This theme is clean and well-optimized behind the scenes, but up front, it’s perfect for fostering a homey atmosphere. While it may not be suitable for a plumber or IT service, the theme is great for a store the sells arts and crafts, antiques or perhaps even puppies.

• Casual out-of-the-box aesthetic
• HTML5-based
• Mobile-optimized
• Intuitive user interface

4. SEO WP Theme

SEO WP is the singular theme provided by a company that focuses on SEO optimization through WordPress. Not only does this include custom SEO solutions, but it integrates features like online reputation management, real-time social media analytics, map search optimization and so forth. The theme is highly customizable as well, so you can dictate layout and colors with relative ease. Perhaps the downside to this approach is that you’re essentially buying into a platform, which is powerful but does limit your options in terms of customization, plugin support and so on.

• Drag-and-drop builder
• Advanced SEO tools
• Mobile-optimized
• Excellent social media integration

5. Schema

Schema by MyThemeShop is widely recognized as the fastest SEO-friendly WP theme available. In terms of presentation, it shares the most in common with a theme like Modern Blogger Pro. Whether your users are connecting from a desktop PC, a smartphone or other devices and responsiveness is the key, then it’s hard to do better than the Schema. The downside to this speed is what some might consider an overly simplified aesthetic, which is why it comes in at the bottom of this list.

• HTML and CSS3 ready
• Speed-optimized
• Mobile-optimized
• Built-in short codes and widgets

Choosing a Theme

Not all themes are designed with SEO in mind. Those that are have simple designs, feature schema markups and are optimized for speed and responsiveness above all else through clean code.