5 Best Tools To Help Content Marketing

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 28, 2015

There are five content marketing tools that increase productivity during big projects. The most popular options are Google Analytic, TrendSpottr, Searchmetrics, Raven Tools, and DivvyHQ.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics tool helps small business owners track different traffic sources. They can gather data from organic searches, paid ads, and social media posts.

However, big businesses use Google Analytics to increase brand awareness. Many managers use the Traffic Source feature to study different markets. The report provides detailed information about the top referring search phases that drive traffic to popular pages.

Businesses that use Google Analytics can pinpoint keys areas that are failing on different sites. In the Behavior section, managers can study the pages that engage the most visitors. The Conversions section is helpful too because it tracks visitors during the conversion process.

Bloggers use Google Analytics because it helps them create posts that target trending keywords. This data can be found in the All Pages section, which is located in the Behavior area. However, the program will only calculate the average time a visitor spends on a page if a bounce doesn’t happen. To achieve more accurate results, several changes must be made in the Admin area.


TrendSpottr is a tool that helps marketers spot buzz words on social media quickly and efficiently. It uses real-time data to locate trending topics on multiple social media platforms. When managers optimize their keywords early, they gain an edge over the competition before the phases lose their popularity.

TrendSpottr will not keep a business at the top spot in the search results. However, if the tool is used correctly, it will boost engagement consistently.

TrendSpottr gathers real-time data from local and global sources. In addition, the advanced features let employees filter the content by particular cities or countries.

Government organizations, small businesses, and large corporations use TrendSpottr because it delivers relevant information that is simple to share. However, the most reputable brands use the tool as an early warning system. For example, managers can improve daily awareness by monitoring viral behavior patterns.


Searchmetrics is a content marketing planning tool that manages themes, events, custom tags, and keywords. Because the program can configure metadata with specific content, every marketing plan can be executed more efficiently.

Recently, the team at Searchmetrics introduced a new feature that gathers data from various markets. After managers study the reports, they can compare various benchmarks against the overall market. The tool also tracks every organic competitor.

Raven Tools

Raven tools are very useful because they manage content marketing campaigns for social media, SEO, and PPC. Employees who use the software study important data quickly and easily by accessing the user-friendly reports. Typically, the tool breaks down difficult tasks and supplies SEO data, which can be converted into business objectives.

The team at Raven Tools also designs software that enhances customer service. Thanks to the simple interface and the detailed reports, business managers can pinpoint key issues that are affecting daily progress.


DivvyHQ is a valuable tool because it helps managers design highly effectively marketing campaigns without multiple spreadsheets. The tool has multiple business features, so managers can track the success rate of every marketing effort.

From the dashboard, users can easily input different content marketing ideas. If a project is too big, employees can save their ideas by using the Parking Lot feature. The saved ideas can be reviewed by different project managers quickly and easily.

The process of setting up the calendars for production is easy. Users can input the campaign name, team name, client name, and content information. Then, different tasks can be assigned to various employees.