5 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

Written by: Jason Bayless | January 26, 2015

As many people know, WordPress is one of the top content management systems on the web. That’s because it allows for SEO plugins. With these plugins, websites can better their visibility online while increasing their overall web presence. Check out the 5 best SEO plugins for WordPress below:

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

The WordPress SEO by Yoast is without a doubt the top SEO plugin offered. That’s because it gives users all different types of features that help optimize the technical side of blogging as well as up the quality of the content on display. This particular plugin works by making users choose a specific focus keyword while writing the article so that it appears enough time within the content. This is crucial for search engine optimization tactics. Some of the features found here are snippet previews, page analysis, XML sitemaps and breadcrumbs.

2. All-In-One SEO Pack

The All-In-One SEO Pack is another type of WordPress plugin that many users use because of all the SEO features it offers. For instance, this plugin will take care of all the basic aspects of blogging like optimizing titles for search engines and creating meta tags. Opposed to other kinds of WordPress plugins, though, this one supports Google Analytics, custom posts types and has its very own built-in API. This will help tremendously with the WordPress site’s overall functionality. The most important feature included in the All-In-One SEO pack is that it checks for duplicate content. This ensure that the content stays new and fresh at all times.

3. SEO Ultimate

The SEO Ultimate is a plugin that users like employing on their blogs because it includes all the necessary features needed to improve a website’s SEO. In fact, with this plugin authors have the power to rewrite title tags, revise meta descriptions and put together some sort of anchor texts to draft up deeplinks. While those are the more basic features found in plugins, the SEO Ultimate also includes more advanced functionality like author highlighter, 404 monitor and permalink tweaker. These features will all come in very handy to those with WordPress websites.

4. FV Simpler SEO Pack

One of the main reasons why the FV Simpler SEO Pack is considered one of the 5 best SEO plugins for WordPress is that this company has a clear understanding of why search engine optimization is so important for websites to be successful. However, the FV Simpler SEO Pack also knows that a lot of Internet marketers do not even look at any of the keywords found in meta data as it is often blown off by search engines completely. That’s because there tends to be a lot of keyword stuffing thrown in here. To combat this, the FV Simpler SEO Pack gets rid of any unwanted features typically found in SEO plugins. This usually makes the whole process easier for the writers.

5. Scribe For WordPress

Opposed to a lot of the other SEO plugins offered for WordPress, Scribe is often sought out because it also provides users with content marketing tools. Actually, these very tools are used for all kinds of blogging aspects like research, optimization and interaction. As far as the research part of this plugin goes, users are able to tell what kinds of topics will resonate best with audiences. Since Scribe employs on-page optimization and content development outlines, websites are ultimately able to improve their PageRank standing. Besides this, Scribe also has a feature where users can see what some other similar high-ranking sites are so that they can connect with one another and network. This will produce better results for everyone involved. Lastly, unlike a lot of other WordPress plugins, Scribe is compatible with each and every WordPress plugin listed above.

It’s clear that when blogging on WordPress, it is important to have the best kind of SEO plugin put into place. With any one of the plugins described above, websites will garner more views than ever before.