5 Best SEO-Friendly Website Builders

Written by: Jason Bayless | July 22, 2016

Novice website owners should have to spend months teaching themselves the fundamentals of both HTML and CSS. Instead, there are numerous tools available that assist in the quick, SEO-friendly creation of a professional website design that can function as a professional site, a business portal, or even a personal portfolio or blog. Though hundreds of websites offer this kind of service, only a small handful provide both great aesthetics and excellent adherence to current SEO best practices. This is a powerful combination for long-term relevance on the search-driven web.

1. Wix

Currently, Wix is one of the biggest names in SEO-friendly website creation. The company has largely staked its mission and reputation on providing HTML5-based web templates that embrace a full array of SEO best practices, including everything from meta tags and keywords to page optimization, content placement, and engagement features.

Alongside its many templates, Wix offers its customers access to drag-and-drop tools for placing things like forms, contact information, and authoritative content. The service also offers quite a few templates with e-commerce features, making it easier than ever to open an online store and begin earning revenue on digital sales.

2. Web.com

One of the chief competitors to Wix, the Web.com website builder service offers many of the same tools. Customers who choose Web.com to build a new site will find thousands of templates with SEO features baked right in. Unlike Wix, however, Web.com is designed with all kinds of customers in mind. Wix’s focus on businesses and e-commerce is great, but it doesn’t help out those customers who are trying to build a blog, portfolio, or another type of unique website that isn’t designed to promote a corporation.

In addition to its wide array of themes, templates, and SEO tools, Web.com also features a highly secure server connection that keeps customer data and design information safe from start to finish. This feature, in particular, will be greeted enthusiastically by business owners.

3. Bigcommerce

When it comes to creating an online marketplace design from scratch, Bigcommerce is perhaps without effective competition. The service offers several subscription tiers, but it’s the “Enterprise” plan that gains the most attention from an SEO perspective. This unique subscription plan provides customers with an excellent website design for selling their goods and services, but goes a few steps further than simply providing a great, SEO-friendly design. With this plan, business owners hand over SEO maintenance and implementation to the Bigcommerce experts.

Every aspect of website optimization is handled by a third party who can carefully analyze keywords, page performance, Google relevancy, and more. As an added bonus, Enterprise subscribers can implement HTTPS encryption on every single one of their websites, which Google does tend to favor in a commercial setting.

4. Squarespace

While Bigcommerce is centered on behind-the-scenes SEO management, Squarespace embraces an individual approach to search engine optimization. Every aspect of SEO can be controlled and fine-tuned within its templates so that the website administrator can create a design and approach that works for their unique needs. Virtually all design templates at Squarespace are mobile-ready, which will help the site perform well on both mobile devices and desktops.

5. BigRock

BigRock’s website builder is the perfect asset for novice designers, with an excellent system of drag-and-drop design modification that will take the guesswork and HTML knowledge out of the equation entirely. Additionally, every template and website element offered by BigRock has been optimized to boost the finished website’s SEO performance at major search engines.

Five Great Tools for Website Creation

Website creation isn’t all about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge. Thanks to innovative website builder tools, novice site administrators can visit a one-stop shop for a stunning design, excellent SEO implementation, and long-term relevance across a wide array of keyword-derived search results at major search engines.