4 Ways to Generate Quality Backlinks and Quality Content Too

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 13, 2014

Link building campaigns are always a hot topic in SEO. Some website owners are leery of using the old methods to build backlinks, because some methods of guest blogging have been penalized by Google for looking too much like paid links. But Google is still impressed when relevant websites link back to your site. So what do you do?

If you want to try something new to generate backlinks from a wide variety of high quality, relevant websites, the tips below are a great place to start. What’s more, some of them will have the added benefit of producing new ideas for your blog, landing pages, magazine or journal articles, newsletter features and other content.

The one factor that all these backlink-generating techniques have in common is that they create unique content that readers want to share. With that in mind, consider which of these four link building tips will work best with your particular website and audience:

  1. Make an infographic. The best infographics get shared all over social media, so be sure your URL prominently appears as the source for the infographic. (It’s a good idea to keep a file of interesting statistics and data that you’ve stumbled across in the news, so you’ll always have a wealth of infographic fodder close at hand.)

  2. Interview or quote an industry expert in a blog post. Email that expert when that post is published, and he or she will probably want to link to it as a media mention.

  3. Create a webinar or video series for YouTube. We’ve discussed how to use YouTube for SEO in a previous blog post. Since YouTube is the second biggest search engine, it’s definitely worth your time to create a YouTube channel and try your hand at video creation.

  4. Create a poll or survey that’s fun or interesting to take. Perhaps you can create a poll about a trend in your industry that everyone has strong opinions about. That gets your company some attention (and some clickthroughs) as the link to your poll is shared around the web, and the poll or survey results will provide you with data that you can use for further content creation.

Now that you’ve created some content that is more likely to attract backlinks and shares, make sure to do your part to get it seen by as many people as possible. You might consider a social ad, such as a Facebook ad that targets people in your chosen demographic.

You can also tag your colleagues when you’ve posted the new content–and that’s especially helpful if those colleagues are avid social media  users with a lot of followers and a tendency to share content they like.

There’s no single way to earn the most backlinks, but these tips will help you reach more users in more ways. It’s up to you to create the kind of content they’ll engage with and link to. Just remember to vary up the kind of content you post from week to week to keep it interesting!