4 Tips for Aspiring Digital Nomads

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 24, 2016
There are many people who dream of pursuing a job that allows them to travel the world. With the Internet, it’s possible to live anywhere in the world and still make a living on the computer. It’s changed how the entire world works, so it makes sense that people don’t need to be stuck in a cubicle to have a career.

People used to work for fifty years with the same company, finally retire with a pension and travel around the world. Today, those who want to travel don’t want to wait fifty years to enjoy their lives. Digital nomads use all the technology at their fingertips to live a mobile lifestyle. If this sounds exciting to you, start planning your exit from your cubicle with these tips.

1. Sharing Your Knowledge and Passion
You’ll need a job that you can work at from any location in the world. While people who want to travel might decide to become writers, it’s best to specialize in an area or niche. Instead of becoming a travel writer who spends time in different locations, you can specialize in sharing travel adventures based around food or unique experiences like traveling with family while working.

The type of on-the-road nomadic work you choose should be something you’re incredibly passionate about, and one that can make money. As a digital nomad, you are funding your dream with the ability to make money on the road. If you’re not passionate about the work, it’ll be hard to stay focused when in exotic locations.

2. Leaving Your Day Job
Before plunging yourself head-first into the world of a digital nomad, you’ll need to ensure that you can perform this work while on the road. Establish yourself in the online world before you quit your day job. When you’re working a full-time day job, it’s easy to imagine how you’ll make things work. It’s very different when you don’t have that job to rely on anymore.

It’s an incredible amount of pressure to know that you don’t have a reliable paycheck to survive. You’ll need to make sure there are processes in place for when you leave. Have a certain amount set aside in savings. Know what you’ll need to live each day. It should include lodging, food and activities.

3. What’s Your Work Ethic?
If you would consider yourself a slacker or procrastinator, the digital nomad lifestyle might not work for you. When you work for yourself, you have the ability to put things off until later. Out on the road, there’ll be much to distract you from getting down to work. You will need to assess whether you have the personality suited for the digital nomad life.

The ability to balance the work load as well as have fun on the road can be delicate for even the most efficient and dedicated workers. It can be difficult to find that drive when you’re not much of a self-starter.

4. Believe in Yourself
The hardest part of the process is believing that you can do it. You might even have others telling you that it’s not possible to live the life you want. They’ll ask you how you’ll survive without a “real” job. Family and friends want what’s best for you, and this may seem incredibly foreign to them.

You’ll need to be convinced that this will work for you. It’s an adventure, but it can be quite difficult when you don’t have family and friends to support you emotionally. You have to be strong and determined to succeed in the world of a digital nomad. A strong, positive attitude is vital for success, and you’ll need to do it in the face of disapproval from others.

The digital nomad lifestyle can be incredibly exciting and rewarding, but it can be hard too. You won’t have a full-time job to fall back on if things become rough. Family and friends won’t be around to pick you up if you fall. You’ll be completely independent and have to have the resolve to keep going.