4 Steps for Franchise SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | July 24, 2015

When it comes to the Franchise side of digital marketing, there are multitudinous factors to consider; however, SEO and PPC are typically the most effective in creating substantial traffic to the site of franchises. The problem is that many franchise owners find the processes for each of these modalities to be highly complex and difficult to manage. This does not have to be the case, especially when it comes to developing an SEO strategy that will produce efficacious results that are consistent and easily duplicated.

Because marketing and branding have a cost factor, it has an impact on the profitability of the business, meaning that marketing efforts have to produce a substantial ROI or they become counterproductive. There are a number of SEO methodologies that can be executed in a highly cost effective manner, while producing results that are profitable.

When operating a business franchise, it is imperative for the owner to understand the marketing dynamic in play. Although the corporate marketing that is taking place has a powerful impact on positive branding, it can have a negative impact on the effectiveness of the local campaign of the franchise owner. Basically, a franchise owner will often find themselves competing with the corporate office and other franchisees for the same keywords, which can be immensely frustrating. Fortunately, there are four key steps that will help a franchise owner overcome these challenges.

1. Create a Location-specific Thank You Page

Whether the franchise site is a standalone site, or it is centralized within the confines of the corporate site, it will be important to find ways to promote the business location in a way that optimizes the brand exposure offered through the corporate site, while maximizing individual exposure. A location specific “Thank You’ page is essential to the process of clearly identifying a specific franchise from the others.

There are some obvious benefits to the centralization of resources; however, they must be managed correctly for each individual franchise owner to maximize their online exposure.

2. Focus on Localized Content

The generation of high-quality, relevant content is an essential element of any SEO strategy, and when it comes to franchises, it is important that the content that is generated is also localized in a manner that attracts users who are potential customers. Unless the franchisee has products and services for sale online, having visitors from another location to visit their site will do very little for them, except make their numbers look good. Localized content will appeal to the people that are potential customers for that particular location.

3. Become Familiar with the Use of Analytics

Until a franchise owner becomes equipped to evaluate and analyze different metrics for the purpose of determining which programs and methods are working best, they are simply taking shots in the dark and hoping for the best. Even when they experience success, they have no way to duplicate it because they will be unaware of how it happened. The ability to be able to measure, report and optimize efforts is essential. One of the most expeditious methods for getting up to speed on analytics is to take a Google Analytics Course. The Google Analytics system is highly comprehensive and advance; however, it is easy to use when you understand it. By taking the course, the owner will be able to utilize the tools at their disposal to help them optimize their SEO campaign.

4. Use Social Media Popularity to Build Page Rankings

The major search engines are giving an increasing amount of gravity to social media activity associated with website content. The more that a specific piece of content is shared and liked on social media, the higher the page ranking. For instance, Google uses this activity to measure the relevance of the content. If the content is experiencing a significant amount of activity, it is assumed to be highly relevant, subsequently causing the page ranking to increase

There a numerous benefits to operating a business franchise; however, one must be careful not to become lost within the centralized marketing plan of the corporate structure. Even a franchisee has to find a way to separate themselves from the crowd.