4 Marketing Tips for a Successful Mobile Strategy

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 02, 2016
The level of reliance on smartphones has increased in the past few years. Most people today carry their phones to almost everywhere they go. This is because a smartphone, just like a computer, can enable you access any information you need. You can do research and read from your mobile phone. As Think With Google notes, about 68% of smartphone users say that they check their phones just 15 minutes after waking up. 30% admit that they get worried when they do not have their phones with them.
This shows the level at which people have become attached to their mobile phones, and most companies have now begun integrating mobile as one of their marketing strategies. If you have not started reaching consumers through their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, then you are not using your outreach capabilities to the maximum. Here are 4 marketing tips that can help you succeed in your mobile marketing strategy.
Make Your Website Attractive and Clear
There is no big difference between smartphones and computers. Therefore, business owners should feel free to incorporate images, audio and video into both their mobile and desktop-focused marketing campaigns.
However, there are some unique features of a smartphone that you need to keep in mind while doing mobile marketing. For instance, the screen size. Mobile phones have smaller screen sizes as compared to computers. Therefore, a smartphone will display the content of your website differently from a computer. Smartphone users may have an unpleasant experience viewing your content if your website is overly cluttered and crowded.
You may have to consider responsive design to ensure that smartphone users find your website clear and attractive. To make sure that the technology is effective, try accessing your website using different brands of smartphones. By doing this, you will be able to have the experience of what your viewers go through whenever they access your website.
Engage Readers on a More Personal Basis
A mobile phone is a device that is very personal to every user. The owner goes with it almost everywhere alongside his or her personal belongings like handkerchief. For your business to be invited along, you need to develop personal and compelling messages that are appealing to the person. You should not make mobile marketing appear like mass marketing.
There are several ways of making mobile marketing personal. You can include a clickable phone number to make smartphone users call you and have a personal conversation with you. You may also show your viewers your products and direct them to your store where they can physically inspect and ask questions about them.
SEO Matters
SEO is of great significance for your marketing efforts. Consumers, while looking for a particular product, go to Google or other search engines. When your company is ranked high in search engines, you will be able to get more prospects. You may need to consider the following SEO rules to make sure that your website ranks high in the search engines.

  • Developing regular but quality content
  • Key words

Make Messages Count
In addition to choosing the receivers of your mobile messages, you also have to pay attention to the content of the messages. Make sure that every message you send is relevant. Most people just send messages for the sake of maintaining content and high ranks in the search engines. Sending irrelevant massages may lead to damaging effects to your business. Always strive to prioritize on quality instead of quantity when it comes to mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is gaining popularity with time. Business owners who have not embraced it will find it difficult to climb aboard and will have to pay more for it. These four tips make it easy for every business owner to start mobile marketing.