4 Fundamentals for better SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 28, 2016
There are just thousands of articles about how to do search engine optimization (SEO). Every article has its own set of rhyme, rhythm, and conjecture about what is bad, better, or best SEO practices. With these Four Fundamentals for Better SEO, you will spend much less time determining which keywords to use, where and how to use them to attract the most traffic.

Here are the four fundamental qualities for better search-engine optimization!

Fundamental #1: Know the Character of Your Potential Visitors

Know who you would like to visit your website. People seek out websites based on who they are, which in turn dictates what they are up to, into, and open to. Before you can really improve your website’s SEO, you must be tapped into who is looking for you.

This is a little different than knowing you target audience. What your target audience is, is a demographic: female, aged 21-25, with some college, earning $20-30K per year.

Who you want to visit your website is entirely different. This demographically typical young woman, what is she up to in life? Family-making? Earning a future-building degree? Maybe. Why is going to your site? Shopping for something specific? Looking for information to solve a problem? Could be. Maybe she wants to be entertained.

Point is that your potential visitors are up to something, you must know the characteristics of what that is!

Fundamental #2: Know Their Lingo

Once you know what these people are up to, you need to know their lingo. Look at any activity any person is engaged in, they all have a unique language with behaviors that go together. This is their Lingo.

The answer to who our mystery girl really is could be Amateur Professional Wrestler! Then you can get to know the Lingo, words like ‘bump’, ‘mark’ and ‘post’ and phrases like “being stiff” or “selling it.” Then there is a whole world of costume and character design, practice and building a body someone will pay to see. All are part of the Lingo used by Pro Wrestlers.

Knowing the Lingo, will give you a no-brainer, often extensive, list of keywords to start with. Also, the allure of your SEO-optimized, keyword-containing copy and content will be much easier to produce and will produce better and more traffic.

Fundamental #3: Be One of Them

You may have nothing in common with these people.

You might be a middle-aged white guy who emigrated from Moldovia, who just happen to land an SEO marketing job. Your potential visitors, however, may be those young fit women living into their future WWE superstar role! It matters not.

What does matter, is you taking on their perspective. You know who they are. You know their Lingo. Now be one of them!

It is one thing to have a writing simply bang out a block of words that contain the lingo-tastic traffic-driving keywords in the proper proportion. It is another thing to produce a well-crafted communication that captures the attention of audience members and search engines alike.

Produce copy and content that is going to sing to your visitors’ interests, not just perform well in a search engine. The keywords will bring visitors. Those visitors seeing something of themselves in your website will hold their attention, keeping them there.

If you have loads of traffic with an overly large bounce rate (above 50%), you have the Lingo correct, but they don’t see your site as a fit for them.

Fundamental #4: Preach to the Choir

Now that you are one of them, preach to them. That’s right. Preach to the choir! Write, shoot, record or otherwise produce what they are into. Over and over you will repeat their message to them as one of them.

As your content themes repeat, tweet and share their way through the world, use the data generated to learn and experiment every tactic and strategy you can find. But you must keep them there!

Now armed with the understanding of these Four Fundamentals for Better SEO, go make your SEO better!