3 Small Business SEO Tips for Quick Results

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 27, 2017

As a small business owner, you know that most marketing strategies take time to pay off. As you’ve gone through multiple media campaigns and tried different flavors of the month, you’ve probably spent countless hours trying to figure out exactly what benefits you would see. Unfortunately, though, you can’t wait forever. In certain cases, you need to see quick results. If you are dipping your toes into the waters of SEO, you should be aware that most of the results you see are still going to take time to manifest themselves. There are, however, a few tips you can follow to see results a bit more quickly.

Claim Your Listing

One of the best tools for local SEO in recent years has been the Google My Business listing. You’ve seen this listing every time you search for other businesses – it shows the location of a business on a map, along with contact information, links to a business website, and sometimes even the hours of operation. It costs you absolutely nothing to claim this listing, but doing so will help others to find you more efficiently. Claiming the listing takes almost no time, so you can see results almost as soon as you are done.

Don’t just stick with Google, though. If you know of other free places to claim a listing, go there. Anything that can get your site in front of interested customers can only be helpful to you. If there’s a directory in your town, make sure your website is on it – you’ll be surprised by how many people look at these directories before they even make a simple Google search.

Clean Your Website

If your goal is to make sure your customers can find you and spend money, you can also spend a few minutes cleaning up your website. Start with the basics – get rid of anything that might confuse customers or turn them away. After that, get rid of anything that you think isn’t going to interest a customer enough to help them stick around. Finally, take a few minutes to make sure that either a link to your online storefront or the contact information for your business is prominent. Doing so makes it easier for customers to spend money and can start producing results immediately.

Keep tweaking your website as time goes by to keep on top of trends. Generally speaking, though, your first pass should be enough to help you see results. Your customers want something that’s easy to use, and they’ll flock to your business once that is provided.

Use Social Media

Finally, it’s time to make sure that you are embracing social media in the business world. If you don’t already have a Facebook and Twitter account, make sure to fire them up. These accounts need to have useful information over the long run, but start by making sure they actually link back to your website. Once you start running social promotions, your customers will visit your site more often and start coming to your physical location. Results will start becoming apparent as soon as you start to get local followers.

SEO should help you quite a bit over the long-term, but it can still have a huge impact on a short-term basis. Make sure to clean up your site, use social media, and to claim your free listings. These simple actions will help more customers to find you and, with a little luck, will help you to get the boost you need in order to better accommodate the benefits you’ll get from these SEO practices in the future.