2018 Content Marketing Predictions

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 11, 2018

“Good content marketers provide an ever-relevant source of useful content that appeals to their industry’s audience. Further, the best marketers don’t try to reinvent the wheel as much as they try to use the wheel in a different way. Here are five ways modern content marketers in 2018 capitalize on their resources to create higher-pulling ROIs.

1. The Trend Toward Personalization Continues

Take a quick search of a site like Amazon, and you’ll quickly discover that your search results and interface looks different than your spouse’s, your neighbors’, or your friends’ interface. That’s because sites like Amazon capitalize on personalization, which is making every search relevant to the person searching the site.

And it looks like that trend will continue, according to Coredna. Of 1,100 digital professionals who were surveyed, a full 94% felt that personalization will play a key role in a business’s success. That’s because personalized content increases sales by 20% and converts 4X more than other types of marketing.

Quality Not Quantity

An Inc.com article points out that it’s not as important for content marketers to pump out hundreds of articles and blog posts in a week. Rather, it’s more important to provide content that’s useful, targeted, and easily digestible.

The best way to capitalize on this is to create clusters of content around one particular theme. Aside from the fact that this gives you something targeted to write about, it also gives you plenty of other content to link back to. This keeps people on your site and more engaged in your content, which leads to more sales and newsletter sign-ups.

3. Podcasting With a Twist

If you’ve tried podcasting without much success, maybe you should change tactics. According to Contently, savvy content marketers aren’t so much into creating their own podcasts nowadays. Rather, they look for already-established casts that they can sponsor on an individual episode basis.

4. Convert Your Content

An article on Inc.com acknowledges that good content takes time to create. That’s one of the reasons why so many people don’t make content.

However, the trick isn’t so much to churn out mounds and mounds of new content as it is to find a new medium on which to place your already-created content. For example, a long, well-thought-out blog post can become a script for a video or the basis of a tweet campaign. The key is to think strategically and ask yourself how you might take the same ideas and make them relevant to a different medium.

5. Go From Narrow to Wide

This principle is slightly related to the one above in that it asks marketers to start with some big idea and then convert its form somehow.

With this principle, you’ll start with a wide topic like fitness. You’ll then figure out a niche that others aren’t fulfilling, much like Nerd Fitness did within the broader niche of fitness.

To go wider, you then look for related opportunities like supplement or fitness video sales. You do this until you have content that goes all the way to the micro-niche level and then repeat.

Final Thoughts

The savviest content marketers save time, money, and resources by reusing their content. They also find smaller niches within a larger niche and then go on to make products that fit that niche.

Finally, these smart marketers boost their sales and conversions by personalizing their offerings. Websites with some sort of “also bought” feature means more money in the bank and more satisfied customers in the end.”