• Technical SEO Checklist 2018

    Written by: Jason Bayless | December 06, 2017

    An annual technical SEO audit is recommended for every website. This ensures that your website is in good health and is optimized to the fullest degree. But where do you begin with an SEO audit? Here is the ultimate technical SEO checklist for 2018: Evaluate your sitemap If your website is a few years old, […]

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  • 3 Top SEO Ranking Factors in 2018

    Written by: Jason Bayless | December 04, 2017

    Everyone wants a cheat sheet to improve search engine optimization (SEO). For some website and blog owners, SEO ranking can seem like an elusive game with no clear rules for winning. But SEO is not as intimidating as it seems, and if you’re producing great content you’re probably on your way to improving your SEO […]

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  • How To Improve Your Search Rankings

    Written by: Jason Bayless | December 01, 2017

    While there are many ways that you can increase your search rankings in 2018, these are some of the most important tips that you should follow: Mobile Friendly Websites Are More Important Than Ever: It has been estimated that as much as half of all internet traffic originates from a mobile device. A page that […]

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