2017: The Introductory Guide to SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 25, 2017

“Do you want your business to show up on the first page of Google’s local search results? Well, one of the best actions you can take is the implementation of a Google My Business account. The Google My Business page is the most effective because it is Google’s local SEO platform.

The following will provide you with a much more detailed list of the factors that come into play in the positioning of your Google My Business page. To start to be successful at local SEO, all you have to do is want to be at the top of the list. By using Google My Business, you will take the first step toward achieving that coveted top ranking. That is because internet users will have direct access to the essential info about your business.

In the results of a Google search three local results are present at the top of the page for maximum visibility. In local SEO, Google uses what are called ranking factors in its algorithm to know how it should position you. The Google My Business page is the ultimate in local visibility provided that it is present in these three top results.

Google is paying a lot of attention to consumer reviews. However, do not panic if there are some negative reviews about your business. As Google wants to show the best results, the more positive your comments the more your local SEO will be boosted. Ask your customers to submit their positive reviews to Google My Business. This is proof that your business provides a quality service.

It is also necessary for your website to be consistent with its information and optimized for SEO with not only links pointing to your site but also the text of the site. Positioning on a local query also depends on your website and external sites that point to your site. Remember, the conversion rate of local SEO is much higher than for non local searches.

Google’s ranking system is also based in part on comments and ratings left by users. This is especially true in the service sector. To choose a business, users rely on comments posted by other users.

Therefore, try to get as many links to your Google+ page and your website as you can. Try to put your contact information on all the pages of your website in the form of rich snippets. To make sure your business really exists, Google’s algorithm will look at your listings in major directories.

The research and writing of your editorial content is important, and will save you time afterwards. Be careful to make your text easy to read, because you write first and foremost for the user. This needs to be done for any SEO on the internet, even for search engines besides Google.

By following these tips, with a little extra work, you will quickly get a better local SEO. Also, let’s not forget the basics. The job of Google is to show the sites that are the most interesting for surfers. Therefore, don’t forget to use social media and strive to build a community around your brand.

Before listing your site on the search engines, you need to know the number of monthly entries of certain keywords in a targeted area. From the interest of the key word and the number of results, one can estimate if a keyword is going to help you get traffic. A local query contains a minimum of thirteen results, and that includes three Google Business results. Advertising results can appear very high on the search results, with a maximum of three results in the top positions.”