• SEO: 5 Tactics for The Best Visibility

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 30, 2016

    Search engine results may not be the “all-in-all” and end of business success, but having a site with good rankings helps your business in a great way. Search engines, especially Google, have altered their algorithms in the past few years, introducing many updates to make the best rise to the top. This has also forced […]

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  • 2016: Web Design with SEO in Mind

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 28, 2016

    It is just past the new year, and SEO is more important than ever. Changes to Google’s algorithm have disrupted the established wisdom for SEO, but appearing higher in search engine results pages and therefore earning more Web traffic should be a major goal of every business. The gains are potentially huge, because every visitor […]

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  • 5 Secrets for Amazing SEO

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 25, 2016

    Every marketing team aims at making their business or brand more popular and more recognized. Back then, a few SEO tricks were all you needed to get your website up high in the ranks in Google. Nowadays it is all about having quality and unique content which will ultimately lead to your site going viral […]

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  • SEO Link Building Practices

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 23, 2016

    Each search engine uses different algorithms to rank websites, but some factors are use by all of them, and the number and quality of backlinks to your site are a main consideration. A sound strategy for building links can bring volumes of targeted traffic, both via the search engines and the links themselves. You can […]

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  • 2016: Mobile SEO Best Practices

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 21, 2016

    It’s the most popular subject on the web: the mobile SEO movement. Websites have been evolving to keep up with their mobile viewers’ needs for years. What’s new in 2016? As the mobile web continues to expand and search engines move to incorporating a more user-friendly interface, how do websites keep up? With almost 90 […]

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  • 5 Best WP Themes for SEO

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 18, 2016

    WordPress is widely regarded as one of the best CMS for SEO, which reflects the versatility of the platform. WP overcomes many of the challenges that web designers face when developing SEO-optimized websites. It provides a sound SEO page structure and supports plugins that allow for service integration, such as Google Maps and Yelp. WP […]

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  • Increase SEO Rankings

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 16, 2016

    For most business owners, improve their site’s rankings is going to require a complete overhaul of their web presence. This includes erasing some of the mistakes that have been made in the past and focusing on creating quality content in the coming months. If your website is not getting the amount of traffic that you […]

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  • SEO Mobile Search in 2016

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 14, 2016

    The way that you conduct your mobile search engine optimization in 2016 will determine the success or the failure of your business. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to your mobile SEO. – The speed of your website will greatly affect your search engine optimization. […]

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  • Clean Up SEO Mistakes

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 11, 2016

    SEO is quite the rage these days. Everyone with a website wants to rank number one on Google and other directories. There is nothing wrong with the concept. It is how and what it takes to get to number one that is important. Be Cautious of Outsourcing SEO When one hands the reigns of a […]

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  • Social Media Tactics

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 09, 2016

    If used properly, social media can be an effective tool used to increase visibility for yourself, your company or anything associated with your company. However, when used improperly, it can be a destructive tool that could destroy your brand and make it harder to market online. What are some white hat social media tactics that […]

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