2016: Top 7 SEO Content Tactics

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 29, 2016

Many entrepreneurs quickly recognize the value of the internet. It has a massive capacity to draw customers and to develop ongoing relationships with clientele. Articles go viral, products trend and companies establish a reputation for themselves on the internet. But once they have opted to introduce their company to the digital market, the question becomes how they can be successful on the internet. What sort of tactics can be applied to generate traffic and to improve your SEO? There are several approaches that website owners are taking.

1 – Generate quality content.
Other bloggers and website owners will want to link to your content if you have produced quality content. If they think that their audience will be interested in your material, then they will link to it. This has led many business owners to expand their internet presence beyond merely selling products and services. Many are producing quality articles relative to their industry. Perhaps if an individual is in the financial industry, they will often put out material relevant to the financial struggles that people have in their daily lives. Such quality content would probably warrant a few links from other bloggers, increasing your SEO score.

2 – Satisfy the user.
Many bloggers will generate click bait articles. This means that they have an intriguing title, but deficient content that does not provide the information that the user was looking for. Search engines no longer reward this sort of blogging. If a user does not continue their search after looking at your website, this indicates that they are satisfied with the information that you have put out. Today, search engines reward good information, not click bait titles.

3 – Write naturally. Do not stuff the keyword.
This is a standard practice among bloggers. It used to be that if a keyword was inserted a number of times, the SEO score would increase. Now, if you use synonyms or parallel phrases, search engines will detect it and treat it as a keyword. This allows the blogger to write naturally, improving their content and their SEO score.

4 – Long form content.
There are enough articles out there that put out content that only address the surface of a particular issue. If an individual is researching a topic, they want real insight. Longer articles will often capture the attention of the reader. It will establish your expertise, keep people on your website longer and improve your SEO score.

5 – Write guest blogposts.
Many guest bloggers are receptive to hosting somebody who has insight in their industry. Find bloggers who are influential in your industry and find out if they receive guest bloggers. If they do, then you will be putting out more backlinks and increasing your SEO score. You will also broaden the scope of your audience. More people will know who you are and more traffic will come to your website.

6 – Research multiple search engines.
Bloggers are reporting that they are drawing traffic from more than Google. Search engines such as Yahoo and Bing are becoming more popular. Research the methods to optimize your SEO across multiple search engines. Everybody does not use Google as their primary browser and your website needs to reach as many people as possible.

7 – Consider the mobile web experience.
There is an increased focus on the mobile web. Many people browse on their phones. Some people even opt for a state of the art mobile devises to replace their laptop. Your mobile design needs to be crafted as well as your desktop design.