2016: Top 5 SEO WP Themes

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 24, 2016

If you run your website through WordPress, you understand the importance of having an interesting and unique web theme. But no matter how strong your theme is, if it isn’t optimized for SEO purposes, you have very little chance of finding your page on the top list of search results.

A SEO optimized WordPress theme encourages the use of SEO efforts in getting your site on the top of search engine results. While it may not seem like something you need to think about, the code of some themes may actually be preventing you from getting successful results. This means your SEO strategy is going unnoticed by search engines like Google, and you will find that no matter what you do, you cannot find new visitors to your page.

To be sure that you are not wasting your time using a WordPress theme that isn’t compatible with your SEO strategy, use one of these top five SEO WordPress themes for 2016:

1. Schema
Schema was developed by MyThemeShop with SEO purposes in mind. The code was written with an understanding of how SEO works for businesses and is fully optimized for SEO best practices. With an award for being the World’s Fastest Loading SEO Friendly WordPress Theme, Schema comes with a variety of features that contributes to your SEO rank.

Some of these features include: fast loading pages, reviews on site, content that is easily accessible, pages that encourages readers to keep reading, and easy to access content and media.

2. Avada
Although Schema is the fastest loading SEO friendly theme, Avada is a bestseller, with over 100,000 individuals purchasing the theme. But even though so many have purchased the Avada theme, you don’t need to worry about your website looking like just another webpage. Avada has the ability to transform to whatever it is the website needs.

Avada’s features include: completely customizable design, SEO optimization, ShortCode Generator, powerful admin panel, and custom backgrounds.

3. Magazine
Magazine was given to us by the designers at Themify. Because it is completely responsive, the page will adjust to accommodate any size screen for individuals viewing your page from a phone or tablet.

The variety of features that comes with the Magazine theme include: SEO optimization, responsive design, variety of theme colors, and six sidebar options.

4. Eleven40 Pro Theme
Eleven40 Pro Theme is another excellent option for a SEO optimized WordPress Theme. This theme takes the style of a standard blog, but can easily be customized to fit the needs of the individual using it. Eleven40 Pro is also responsive, so it can easily be viewed on a variety of screens.

Other benefits of Eleven40 Pro are: high speed, built-in SEO features, variety of color selections, customizable background, and a user friendly design.

5. NewsTimes
Aside from being an incredibly fast WordPress theme, the NewsTimes theme is optimized to get the most out of SEO. This theme also provides the option to have on-page reviews, which can help increase your SEO efforts. Like Schema, NewsTimes was created by the masters at MyThemeShop.

The NewsTimes theme also provides the following benefits and features: mobile responsive, built in reviews, incredibly fast loading, and social media icons.

Having a WordPress theme that is optimized for SEO is incredibly important to the success off your SEO strategy, and with it, the success of your business. Before spending time setting up a new website, be sure the theme you select is one that accommodates your SEO efforts and will not prevent them from doing their job.

These five themes are excellent options if you’re having trouble finding a suitable SEO WordPress theme. Each can be modified to meet your specific needs and give you and your business a unique website that ranks high in SEO results.