2016: Social Media for SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 27, 2016

Your social media marketing and search engine optimization depend on each other now more than ever. However, only a knowledgeable understanding of the relationship between the two will help you as you attempt to compete online in 2016. Here are the best tips for improving your SEO through social media in the modern business landscape on the Internet.

– Google and Social Signals

As the leader in the world of search engines, the trends that Google sets are followed by every other directory and search engine online. Google is definitely the most important entity when it comes to online visibility, directing over 90 percent of the traffic on the Internet. Currently, Google takes social signals into account indirectly, not directly. This means that the likes that you get on Facebook and the retweets of your posts on Twitter matter, but not in the way that you think. You do not have to have the most likes or retweets on your posts in order to rank well. What you need is organic reach and good engagement from your audience.

– Social Rank and SEO Rank

Just because you have the most followers on social media does not mean that you will automatically be assessed a good search engine ranking. It is much more important to have an active audience that continues to come back to your content every time you post something new. The most important aspect of this engagement is the links that your audience creates for you. The more links they create, the better your search engine ranking will be. However, do not attempt to create these links yourself by making new accounts and linking to your own content – the major search engines are very good at sniffing out content that is not truly organic.

– Buying vs. Building a Social Media Presence

Google and the other major search engines are under no pressure to inform the general public about the way in which they determine search engine ranking. However, educated guesses from highly reputable marketing sources tend to be correct more often than not. Buying a social media presence today is useless. Even if you have a social media presence that is not organic from the past, you are probably finding this audience to be less of an advantage today. This advantage will continue to decrease. As stated before, the major search engines are becoming very good at sniffing out social media audiences that are not organic. They will only become better at this in the future and continue to degrade your search engine presence. Fix this now while you still have a presence to fix.

– Using Your Posts Well

Understand that you can rank the same post for different search terms. This technique is known as “post-optimization,” and it is a very effective technique for businesses without the budget to hire in-house content creators. You can even use the same post on different media if you wait two weeks to post the second time. Syndicated content has the ability to increase your ranking by up to 89 percent. However, this SEO art is something that should not be undertaken by a firm that does not understand how to space out its posts over time.