12 Unusually Simple and Helpful SEO Tips and Tricks

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 21, 2016
Developing content with SEO in mind is vital in 2016. Companies failing to do so often see their competitors race ahead. If you’re finding yourself shying away from SEO because you think it’s too difficult to implement, consider the ways in which you can change some of your techniques for the better in a short period of time.

1. Incorporate keywords and phrases naturally.
Some businesses are so busy stuffing keywords and phrases into every corner of their website that they fail to produce natural content. Speak to your customers in a natural way, and you may find they better trust your material.

2. Use appropriate SEO.
If you’re the owner of a small business, using strategies designed for major corporations is unlikely to provide you with the most benefits. Employ strategies that are specifically designed for your niche and type of business to have the highest chance of beating your competitors.

3. Check your citations.
Inaccurate citations are a big problem for your presence on the web and for accessibility of your services. When customers can’t find your company or can’t get in touch with you to ask questions, they may decide that a competitor is the better answer.

4. Create videos.
Content marketing is an important part of SEO right now, and videos help you to provide a visual appeal to potential and current customers. While you don’t need to splatter your pages with tons of videos, create a few strong ones that creatively promote your products and services.

5. Start a blog.
Blogging is another way that you can incorporate content marketing into your strategy. With your blog, you can invite proficient individuals in the community to contribute content, and you can ask people to comment on the posts to start talk on the web about your business.

6. Optimize your site for mobile devices.
Chances are that many members of your target audience access information on their phones. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, then you can quickly lose their attention and the ability to transmute them from interested parties into paying customers.

7. Eliminate the spam-like material.
Even if advertisements on your website help you to generate some revenue, think about how the pages look to customers if they are bogged down with advertisements. People might be reminded of sites that they have avoided since the internet first appeared on the scene.

8. Hire professionals.
Whether you want to start posting blogs on a regular basis or you want to create videos for content marketing, think about which of your team members have proficient skills in those areas. If the answer is no one, hire professionals to do the work.

9. Venture into social media.
The ability to connect with potential and current customers on social media is immensely powerful, and tapping into those channels is important when you want success in your field. While you don’t necessarily need a presence on every social media site, concentrate your efforts on appearing on a few.

10. Update your content.
You will also find that your site is rewarded in terms of SEO when the content is fresh. No one wants to visit a website that never has new material on it, so don’t provide your consumers with that unpleasant experience.

11. Secure the shopping experience.
You are unlikely to purchase items on a site that has sketchy security, so expect that your customers will respond in the same way. Make the experience secure to generate more profits.

12. Choose appropriate keywords and phrases.
Even though you do not want your content to sound stuffed and robotic, you do need to pick the right keywords and phrases. Studying your target audience a bit more can help you to establish the right words to use.

Search engine optimization is a field that companies generally need to use if they want to succeed, and these strategies can help you to increase your efforts.