12 SEO Tactics To Increase Traffic

Written by: Jason Bayless | July 31, 2015

When you launch a website that relies on Google Adsense or another type of ad program, you only earn money when viewers actually click on one of the links on your page. You may see hundreds of unique visitors come to your site without seeing your income grow. The key to making more money is with getting more visitors. This increases the chances of those viewers using links and making purchases. There are some simple ways to use SEO tricks to increase your page views and bring in more traffic.

Use the Right Keywords

Before writing any content, make a short list of the short and long tail keywords you want to use. You generally want to keep your keyword density between three and five percent. Check analytical sites to learn which keywords rank the highest among searchers.

Choose the Right Page Name

A niche site will likely do better than a site that covers a wide range of information. Before launching your site, look for a page name that relates back to your topic. If you create a page to sell dietary supplements, you want a title and name that will grab the attention of readers right away.

Use Meta Descriptions

Every key word and phrase that you use on your site helps drive traffic there, and this includes the word used in your meta description. Even though readers will never see this information, search engines will view those words and use the information when determining where your page ranks.

Title Pictures

Pictures help break up the content on your site and keep large sections of text from overwhelming readers and viewers. When you upload images to your site, create a title that incorporates one or more of your keywords and include those same keywords in the meta description of the image.

Advertise Online

Reach more readers when you take your knowledge of search engine optimization and use it in online advertisements. When selling clothing, create ads that show one or more of your popular items with keywords relating to that item and your site.

Promote with Social Networking

Get the attention of viewers who never visited your site on social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Using hashtags lets your most recent posts and pictures appear every time someone searches for content relating to those tags. As long as you link to relevant content on your site, you can drive traffic there.

Become a Guest Blogger

Reach out to people who read similar content as a guest blogger on other sites. Offer bloggers the chance to write on your page in exchange for a post on his or her blog to help both of you gain more traffic.

Use Keyword Strings

While using keywords is a good way to drive traffic, you also want to use keyword strings and long tail keywords. Instead of writing about dog training, you might write about dog training in a specific city, a specific type of dog training or even training of certain breeds.

Go Mobile

With more and more people using mobile devices to search the web, you need a mobile version of your site that works on those devices. If viewers can only see the standard version of your site, they might move on to another site.

Respond to Readers

Use your comments section as a way to add new keywords to your site and to individual posts. If you respond to some or all of the comments on your site, you also let readers know you care about their thoughts, which can keep them coming back.

Write Short Articles

Few people want to sit and read long articles. When writing content, keep your articles to 1,000 words or less and use your keywords sparingly. You may also want to avoid slideshow articles, which many readers dislike.

Update Frequently

Updating frequently is another smart SEO tactic. Posting at least two or three times a week lets you bring in new keywords and reach even more readers. With these tips and tactics, you might start seeing a sharp increase in traffic and earnings within a few short days.