12 Best SEO Tips

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 24, 2016
Creating a search engine optimization strategy can be confusing and difficult if you’re not an expert. Even if you are an expert, there are so many changes, strategies, and things to remember that it isn’t difficult to forget something important. To ensure you have covered all your bases when creating an SEO strategy, here are 12 things to consider:
1. Appeal to Humans

Rather than creating an SEO strategy that Google will love, create a plan that works for your audience. As Google advances and creates better algorithms, they are focusing more and more on the trust created between a website and the visitor. Rather than checking off a list to please a computer, focus on growing your traffic naturally.
2. Consider Questions

When someone comes to your website, it is likely to answer a possible question they have about your company, your products, or your services. When creating your SEO strategy, think of what questions someone may have about the keywords you’re targeting. Then, do what you can to answer those questions efficiently.
3. Select Great Keywords

The struggle to find the right keywords can be one of the most frustrating parts of creating a SEO strategy, but also one of the most important. Do your research to find keywords that are frequently typed into the search bar but aren’t so diluted with competitors that your fight for the top will be impossible.
4. Know Your Customers

Your SEO strategy is all about getting more customers to your website, so if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll never make the necessary connection. Know your customers and what they’re looking for so you can bring more customers to your page.
5. Use Social

Google considers each post on social media as a separate page towards your website, so posting on Twitter and Facebook can contribute to your SEO strategy. When someone shares your blog posts, these also count as links to your page, which can help your SEO strategy.
6. Focus on Content

When you’re creating your SEO strategy, you want to focus first on content and then see how your strategy will fit into the piece. When you create interesting content first, you are increasing the likelihood that it will be shared and enjoyed by many readers.
7. Go Viral

Going viral isn’t an easy task, but you should focus on content that has the power to really take off. Viral content is shared by many people very quickly, which can boost your SEO strategy quickly.
8. Always Evaluate

No matter what you do with your SEO strategy, you should look back at what you’re doing, what your goals are, and how well your strategy is working to accomplish those goals. If you’re not on your way there, make changes.
9. Know the Habits of People

Your SEO strategy shouldn’t just be about how well you understand what Google is looking for, you will also want to understand the habits of people and how they use search engines.
10. Focus on Them

While you want to enhance your business and push to the front of the line, you also want to appeal to your customers. If you don’t focus on helping them solve a problem, you won’t get the attention you’re looking for and you won’t be able to keep your number one spot.
11. Show Your Expertise

You’re the leader of your industry, so prove it. In everything that you do, show that you have something worth sharing. This will increase your exposure, help you get more shares, and improve your SEO strategy.
12. Give it Time

SEO strategies can take time to see the results, so be sure to give it enough time to really set in before you make major changes.

With these 12 tips, you will be well on your way to a great SEO strategy.