11 Quick UX Tips to Increase Conversions on Landing Pages

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 09, 2016
Good user experience is necessary for a high conversion rate on landing pages. Your webpage should have a clean design, lots of white space, and font that’s easy to read. There are a lot of little details that matter for UX (user experience). Here are 11 quick UX tips to increase conversions on your landing pages:

1. Use Simple Language

Keep the content on your website easy to understand. People shouldn’t have to pull out a dictionary to understand what you do. Clarity and simplicity will always lead to higher conversions than complexity and big words.

2. Ask for Less Information in Sign Up Forms

Typically, the more information you ask of someone in a sign up form, the less likely them is to sign up for your newsletter. For instance, asking for someone’s first name, last name, and phone number will cause them to be more hesitant to sign up than if you only asked for their first name and email address.

3. Improve Your Call to Action

The call to action is one of the most important elements in a landing page. You should test different calls to action until you find the highest converting CTA for that landing page. In addition to experimenting with wording, try different font colors, sizes, shapes, and positioning on the page.

4. Utilize Color Psychology

Color has an influence on consumer decisions, so you should use color psychology to your advantage in your landing pages. Restaurants often use red in their decor because it stimulates appetite.

5. Use Mobile-Friendly or Responsive Design

Another way to increase conversions on landing pages is to use a mobile-friendly or responsive design for your website. A responsive design is best, but if you can’t afford it, mobile-friendly works too. Responsive design automatically resizes and reformats to show up correctly on all devices.

6. Add a Video

According to a study conducted by eyeviewdigital.com, including a video on a landing page can boost conversions by 80%. Videos are good for building trust, capturing the visitors who don’t feel like reading, and improving comprehension.

7. Ensure All the Important Information is Above the Fold

The area you see upon landing on a website or webpage without scrolling is referred to as above the fold. You want all important information to show above the fold, so people don’t have to scroll to see it. This means your form field and a good overview of your offer should appear above the fold.

8. Test Your Landing Pages

This tip isn’t optional when it comes to increasing conversions on landing pages. If you’re not testing, you don’t know what’s working and what’s not. You must run tests when making changes to your landing pages. Sometimes what seems to be a positive change actually hurts your conversions in the long-run.

9. Create a Start Here Page

Another way to increase conversions through improving the user experience is to create a start here page. Some visitors feel confused as to where to begin after landing on your website and need the start here page to understand what they should be doing. It provides a helping hand to getting started.

10. Link to a Landing Page When You Post on Social Media

One mistake businesses make is linking to their home page from a social post. It’s better for conversions to link to a landing page instead.

11. Create a Resources Page

A resources page is helpful for visitors who want to know all of the tools and resources you use. It benefits you because if you’re an affiliate for those tools and resources, you can link to your landing page to generate referrals.

Creating a good user experience is essential for increasing conversions on landing pages. A poor UX will turn away some of your visitors. This is especially true as technology evolves, and people begin to expect more out of websites as a result. Webpages that load quickly are no longer optional. Customers expect it or they will go to another website. Stay ahead of the game by implementing the 11 UX tips listed above.