10 Tips Learned from SEO Companies

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 28, 2017

“Ever wonder what the professional SEO companies are doing to get such positive results for their clients? The fundamental rules and strategies of ranking sites higher are widely available all over the Internet. What distinguishes these SEO companies from the average person is the fact that they understand many small things that make a big difference. To help you get some of the same benefits of working with a SEO company, here are 10 tips that can take your SEO campaign to the next level.

Tip #1: Scale from the Bottom Up

Many website owners attempt to rank for competitive keywords first. The better way to build your campaign is to start with less competitive keywords and scale the revenue from those keywords to fund your campaign for the sought after competitive keywords.

Tip #2: Test with Pay Per Click First

How can you tell that the keyword you’re targeting will even be profitable for you? The easy way to know for sure is to set up a pay per click campaign and see if you can convert the traffic into leads and eventually into sales. It’s far more inexpensive than building out a whole campaign for a keyword.

Tip #3: Build Relationships with Other Business Owners

By building relationship with other business owners, it becomes an easier job getting your content featured on their site that’s linking back to you. Too many people try to employ a cold call sales tactic to acquire links.

Tip #4: Use the Right Software

If you want to succeed with SEO, you need the right software tools. Research the best tools you need to figure out which ones to invest in. While there are many free SEO tools out there, the industry leading tools will save you time, be more accurate, and give you more valuable information.

Tip #5: Focus on Quality Content Over Quantity

There has been a content boom over the past few years with the focus put on content marketing to support SEO campaigns. However, it is far more important to produce a fewer number of quality content over a large number of mediocre content.

Tip #6: Use Structured Data (Schema)

Structured data can really help your site listing stand out and depending on which one you use, Google may give you more real estate for your listing. Figure out what type of Schema you can use for your site.

Tip #7: Leverage Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to develop relationships with other website owners, find content ideas, distribute content and also help you pages rank higher. If you’re serious about SEO, you need to make sure social media is integrated into your strategy.

Tip #8: Optimizing for UX

User experience has a huge impact on your SEO campaign. Everything from your site load times, user interface, design, to layout/formatting affects your conversions and you rankings.

Tip #9: Focus Highly on Mobile

For many sites, desktop users still make up the majority of their visitors. However, more people are using mobile devices to browse the Internet. This audience is continuing to rise, so you want to make sure that you are going with the trend and not waiting until the last moment.

Tip #10: Focus on Topical Relevance

Google’s latest updates put more weight on the topical relevance of your pages. They are looking for pages that have many words related to the topic. This doesn’t mean you should start keyword stuffing your content. It just means that your content should be on topic and use keywords, related keywords and language that is about your topic.

These are just some of the tips that the best SEOs are using to get higher rankings and more out of their SEO campaigns. While some of them sound simple, there’s a lot that goes into each strategy. You’ll learn a great deal by seeing these tips in real case studies and learning how you can apply it to your own campaign.”