10 Tips for Social Media Success

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 07, 2016
Social media is one of those things that seems easy until you try. It can be intimidating to promote your business online, but it’s essential in today’s world. Here are ten tips to help you succeed on social media:

1. Don’t try to master everything at once

Many people think that they have to be on every social media network in order to effectively promote their business. While you should be on more than one, you shouldn’t try to master all of them at once. Choose a few, then focus on learning the ins and outs while you build your following. After you’ve gotten comfortable on those networks, branch out to others.

2. Go to where your audience is

You’ll need to do a little research for this one, but you want to go where your target audience hangs out. Otherwise you’ll waste time and resources promoting to nobody while you miss out on missed connections and sales elsewhere.

3. Keep it positive!

Don’t use social media to insult others or complain. It makes you look bad and decreases your chances of getting a large following.

4. Show some personality

Everybody’s seen social media accounts that seem to be run by robots. They interact blandly and only post information about the business. These accounts are boring! People want to know that there’s a human behind the account.

5. Be professional

Proofread before you post. Check for spelling and grammar. Make sure your message is clear and can’t be construed inappropriately. The internet is full of horror stories about social media campaigns backfiring, don’t be one of them.

6. Post consistently

Make sure you’re posting at least once a day. Depending on the platform, your message can have an extremely short shelf life. Post a few times a day to stay on your audience’s radar.

7. Automate as much as possible

Social media scheduling tools are a lifesaver. Tools like Buffer and Hootsuite allow you to schedule social media updates days in advance. Fill up your queue early in the week and you won’t have to worry.

8. Socialize

Even if you schedule posts in advance, don’t forget to actually socialize on social media. That’s the whole point! Get on your account at least a few times a week and interact with your audience. This is where you’re going to build relationships and establish yourself.

9. Don’t mix the personal and professional

While your friends and family might want to see your vacation pictures, your audience doesn’t care. You want to show some personality on your accounts, but you also want to remain on message. Posting both personal and professional updates on the same account can confuse and frustrate your audience, who won’t know what to expect from you. If you want to share your personal updates, make a separate account and keep it off of your business account.

10. Follow the rule of thirds

Vary up your posts to keep things interesting and connect further with your audience. Your social media should consist of:

One-third your content: Promote your own content, linking to blog posts, your online store, or your other social media accounts.

One-third others’ content: Post links to quality resources in your field. Your audience will know they can trust your content and the people you link to will be more likely to promote you in return.

One-third socializing: Make a full third of your account interaction with others. Make sure it’s genuine interaction with a little bit of meat to it. Canned responses like “Great picture!” or “I agree” won’t help you create any worthwhile relationships online.

Social media shouldn’t be the most difficult, time-intensive part of promoting your business. Follow these tips in order to grow your following and reach new audiences.