10 SEO Blogs to Read in 2015

Written by: Jason Bayless | January 12, 2015

There are a lot of SEO blogs online but quality ones are pretty rare. The reason – SEO is a dynamic thing that keeps growing, even as you are reading this. However, not all people who blog about SEO are like that. It’s nobody’s fault because when it comes to technology and internet, people assume that certain things would maintain their status quo, at least for a few months. However, SEO is not like that. Little developments and tricks come out every day and in order to keep up, the following 10 expert SEO blogs must be read in 2015 –

1. The Moz Blog – Both Moz Pro and Moz Local are excellent products but apart from these two paid utilities, the free blog is a revelation in itself. With 178,166 regular followers, the top posts of Moz include – Do’s and Don’ts of Panda 4.1, Things New SEOs need to learn about and Tips to select the perfect clients.

2. Daily SEO – This is one of the bread and butter blogs of SEO professionals. Daily SEO focusses on SEO in a broader context, roping in tips and tricks from other marketing fields as well. Their recent post on tools for new age content marketers is the best example of what their experts cover.

3. Search Engine Land – This blog covers a lot more than just SEO but it focusses on all its specialties with equal dedication. When it comes to SEO, topics on focus are things that are essential to an SEO professional’s survival. For instance – How to write Meta descriptions that get a lot of clicks, 2015 Fringe SEO predictions, and many others.

4. Quick Sprout – Run by Neil Patel who was also responsible for KISSmetrics, Hello Bar and Crazy Egg, this blog is full of detailed guides and regular information for SEO professionals. The best guides include – Advanced SEO Guide, Page Optimization Guide and Link Building guide.

5. Matt Cutts – Any SEO reading is incomplete without following Matt Cutts. His blog is like the Bible for SEO professionals, newbies and veterans alike. Matt Cutts has a unique ability to reveal the law of the land in a way that doesn’t bore the readers. In fact, SEO is not the only thing that Matt Cutts covers and everything he blogs about is interesting.

6. SEOBOOK – This blog comes up with some handy SEO tips but the thing that it is known for is the latest SEO news. Of course, many people might think that Matt Cutts’ blog might be enough for SEO news but it’s not so. Cutts covers important and big changes in the SEO scene but SEOBOOK covers almost everything. Also, it caters to a wider demographic.

7. Search Engine Watch – This is another blog that focusses more on the latest SEO developments except SEW’s coverage is peppered with interesting insights and tips for new bloggers and SEO learners. They also cover some amount of SEO guides, for instance a guide on the best tools available for page optimization.

8. Search Engine Journal – The best thing about SEJ is that they have a lot of free webinars. The latest one is going to be on 18th December and in this seminar, expert Larry Kim (Wordstream founder) will discuss about the 5 PPC trends that will revolutionize the industry in 2015.

9. Bruce Clay – One look at Bruce Clay’s blog makes it clear that he is an SEO expert. However, more than that, he is also an extremely good teacher. His SEO classroom training lasts for 1.5 to 3 days, depending upon level of training required but it is class apart. Especially because unlike other SEO classes, this one doesn’t teach people about black hat SEO.

10. SEO by the Sea – SEO by the Sea has interesting insights on SEO. For instance, how compositional queries can be responded to with the help of search engines. They have also analyzed Google’s Knowledge graph in the past and come with unique results.