10 Pinterest SEO Tips That Will Set You up for Success

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 12, 2018

Pinterest attracts millions of daily users with its visual focus and refreshing interface. As a result, it offers a fantastic opportunity for SEO.

On Pinterest, you can have a lot of fun while creating creative content and telling stories that boost your brand. It also gives you a great place to expose new audiences to your brand, products and services.

Most of all, you’ll want to harness the power of the Pinterest search engine. It hosts more than two billion monthly searches and adds a new dimension to the search experience. Still, many of the core principles of SEO still work on the platform.

Use the following 10 Pinterest SEO tips to make the site work for your business.

Remember the fundamentals.

Get started by choosing an SEO-optimized username. This step is important because it will become part of the URL associated with your profile. Next, open a business account and then learn how to use Pinterest’s ad manager and analytics tools.

Optimize your website.

Use your website to funnel people to your Pinterest profile and vice versa. To do this, you need to add a Pinterest tag. This will help you track website activity, segment audiences and target your marketing campaigns.

Set realistic goals.

A high percentage of Pinterest users become customers, but benefitting from that trend may require time. Use the data from your Pinterest tag and other metrics to help you set realistic goals. Data such as traffic volume and repins can help you direct your conversations and convert sales.

Select good keywords.

Keywords matter with Pinterest just as they do with popular search engines. Research Pinterest to find out what relevant keywords attract traffic on the site and integrate them into your profile and content. Start your keyword research by monitoring Pinterest’s guided search.

Create optimized boards.

Create boards that are optimized for your keywords and use them to tell the Pinterest search engine what your profile and brand are about. Give users a taste of your products and make sure you cover every type of customer interaction.

Understand pinning.

Learn how pinning works and you’ll have the knowledge needed to create perfect pins that support SEO. Start by ensuring your content honors the best Pinterest aspect ratio. Doing this will ensure that your pins appear properly on mobile devices.

Use descriptions.

Your descriptions can form the SEO backbone of your Pinterest campaigns. In other words, don’t let the visual focus of the site fool you. Use all the available characters to describe your content while integrating your SEO keywords.

Encourage engagement.

Never forget the importance of engagement to your Pinterest SEO success. Be sure to link your Pinterest profile to your profiles on other social networks. Also, remember to invite influencers to work with you to expand your audience. You can also add text overlays to engage your audience.

Consider all features.

Visual search and related items displays on Pinterest can help you increase the exposure of your brand, so use them for SEO. For starters, take a photo of a product or related item and allow Pinterest to identify it and suggest appropriate pins. The site can also identify and categorize pie charts and other graphics.

Remember search engines

The folks at Pinterest understand the importance of SEO and optimizes their site to maximize their exposure. As a result, when you remember to incorporate good SEO practices that work for search engines, you help Pinterest.

As you try the above Pinterest SEO tips, stay alert for other ideas that can make Pinterest work for you.