10 Best SEO & Social Media WP Plugins

Written by: Jason Bayless | January 25, 2016

As an online marketer, you’ll find yourself asking this question at least once. If you’re looking for the best WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media plugins, look no further than here. We have collected a few plugins that are recommended by experts from The WordPress Beginner, WordPress Explorer and wpvkp.com.

Plugin 1: Yoast’s WordPress SEO

This is one of the most downloaded plugins for WordPress. Yoast’s WordPress SEO is more than just a simple tool for search engine optimization – it is basically an entire website optimizer rolled into a single plugin. This plugin allows you to create titles, descriptions and open graph metadata, and has features available for page analysis, publishing an XML site map and much more.

Plugin 2: SEOpressor

Among the most powerful SEO tools you’ll find for WordPress, SEOpressor allows you to manage keywords throughout your entire website. Your online marketing campaign will become more effective with its built-in keyword research tool, which will help you save time, as well as find the best long tail keywords that fit your business, and includes drag and drop functionality to help you insert the keywords the search tool finds into your article with a single click of your mouse.

Plugin 3: Ultimate Video SEO Plugin

Ultimate Video SEO Plugin is a tool that’s used primarilly for tutorial or video magazine websites. With Ultimate Video SEO Plugin, you can display search results in a similar manner to YouTube. This Plugin will be ready to use the second you install it, which saves time that would otherwise be used in creating usernames and passwords, configuration, or other tasks.

Plugin 4: Rank Reveal

This plugin checks top search engines, and uses proprietary ranking data to tell you how well you are ranking with your given keywords, suggests ways to improve those rankings, and finds long tail keywords for you that have very low competition, but still have a high probability of giving you a high ranking, allowing you to convert more of your website’s traffic into prospects.

Plugin 5: Soliloquy

Soliloquy has been rated among the best WordPress sliders available. Most WordPress sliders are slow and take up a lot of your website’s resources, which can spell disaster for your website and your marketing strategy. However, Soliloquy uses minimal resources, making your website extremely fast, which results in more traffic and potentially more prospects.

Plugin 6: WPSocial

We all know that Google’s new algorithm uses social media references to gauge the authority of websites using SERP (or Search Engine Results Pages), and part of a website’s authority involves the implementation of social media. WPSocial is a plugin that helps you integrate social media elements into your website by streamlining the process of making social media icons, sharing buttons, metadata for Twitter, microdata, and much more.

Plugin 7: Floating Social Bar

Many social media bars come with a lot of extra social media links that nobody visits, and provide no way to easily remove these links, or they will come with unneeded scripts that may cost you time and money to remove – if they can be removed at all. However, Floating Social Bar only provides links to the top social sites on the Internet, and only contains scripts that are absolutely necessary for its operation, which will speed up your website.

Plugin 8: Disqus

The default commenting system works fine for startup websites that don’t have a lot of visitors. However, when your business begins to build a good reputation, people will want to be able to communicate with you on a more regular basis. When you reach this level, you will need a more robust commenting system, and this is what Disqus provides. Using Disqus means you will not have to rely on the default WordPress commenting system, which can slow a website down when you get a lot of comments, and it even has a built-in spam filter.

Plugin 9: Monarch Social Sharing

Developed by Elegant Themes, Monarch Social Sharing is a social media button creator with support for over 30 different social media sites. From the easy to use interface, you can check off which social media sites and features you want to integrate. Monarch Social Sharing comes with a wide range of colors and features such as popups, fly-ins, optional counts and much more.

Plugin 10: WordPress Social Stream

WordPress Social Stream allows you to stream activity on your social network profiles quickly and easily. You can use rotating feed lists or jQuery social networking walls, which will stream content in a manner similar to Pinterest. The plugin is updated on a regular basis.