10 Best Off-page SEO Techniques

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 25, 2015

Implementing search engine optimization techniques onto your website itself is important; however, those strategies are not the only ones who matter. In a marketplace where the competition basically grows by the day, you also want to employ off-page SEO strategies. Doing so helps you to have a stronger presence on the way and also to address the ways that modern consumers are seeking information.

1. Establish a link-building campaign.
While you can build strong links internally on your website, you also want to make sure links exist in other places too. Remember, however, quality is important here. Too much links, or an emphasis on quantity, can appear spam-like.

2. Develop a presence on social media platforms.
Before you can begin to use social media tools to enhance the success of your business, you must establish accounts. Build up your accounts with images and videos to give viewers a comprehensive look at your company.

3. Create a blog.
Many businesses have blogs these days because such writing allows consumers to learn about the products in a friendlier manner. Also, viewers can comment on the blogs, and when others see what people have to say about your products and services, they may feel encouraged to buy too.

4. Check out forums.
Some communities have local forums, whether on websites or social media accounts, where people gather to discuss relevant issues. Don’t pass up the opportunity to establish your presence here because you could become a favored business for the entire community. Also, people will likely post reviews about you.

5. Get “likes” and retweets.
When consumers can act as powerful marketing tools for you, you have the ability to get the word out there to even more people. Work to establish connections both on Facebook and Twitter so that thousands of people can see what you have to offer in just a few moments.

6. Make your presence known on Pinterest.
This goal is particularly important if you offer a crafty services or supplies to make an array of decor. Getting your items onto Pinterest can have a tremendously positive effect as individuals will want to know how to emulate what you’ve created.

7. Know, for sure, that you’re coming up in website results.
Don’t wait for the traffic to just begin to grow by itself. Instead, make sure that your website has been submitted to the big search engines as well as to any search engines popular in your field.

8. Use that YouTube account.
Stop letting your YouTube account go to waste. Just look at how many views videos have on there, and think of turning all those views into consumers. With YouTube, you have the possibility to truly show people what you have to offer.

9. Make sure your efforts come along with pictures.
You’re working to target a digital generation, and a generation who is used to seeing everything right in front of your eyes. Give them what they want by including pictures in as many of your marketing efforts as possible.

10. Ensure that people are writing reviews of your business.
When individuals have a product or service that they want to purchase, they often take to the web to check out what other people have to say about it. Therefore, you should consider the power that reviews have for you. When customers are satisfied with your services, ask them to write reviews for you online. Doing so gives you the ability to speak more directly to the needs of the public. Also, you should encourage reviews that are some of the more major sites so that they are more widely seen.

On-site SEO is important to the success of your website, but you also need to get outside of that box and use strategies that speak to the needs of consumers who are looking at other online properties. Doing so is likely to present you with positive results.